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About Us

Johnson County Cares began


as a collaboration between social service agencies, church representatives, UCM students and faculty, and concerned citizens to help address and solve issues related to poverty and homelessness in Johnson County, MO.


It wasn't a non-profit agency but rather a way of coming together with those in our community who seek to serve those who struggle with unmet needs.


Collectively we worked to address needs by identifying and connecting resources, with a focus on helping to lay the foundation work for a project or need, then allowing the project or program coordinators to build and grow as they see fit.


We provided support through guidance, volunteers, fundraising, and promotion.


JCC Today

We're not currently meeting regularly as a large group, but our Coordinating Committee does meet to discuss how the community can support the critical efforts of those serving our neighbors most in need.


We encourage those who would like to meet and network with other agencies to participate in the Johnson County Inter-Agency Council, currently meeting virtually, hosted by West-Central Independent Living Solutions (WILS).


JCC Coordinating Committee

Erica Collins

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Health Care Collaborative of Rural Missouri

JCC Co-coordinator

Terrence Moody


Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church

Suzy Latare

Manager, Office of
Health Promotion

University of Central Missouri

Joel Kurz


Bethlehem Lutheran Church

JCC Co-coordinator

Doug Christie

Supply SGT

Missouri Army National Guard

Dedra Thomas

Community Volunteer

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